Aadil Name Meaning in Urdu

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Aadil is a Muslim Boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. Aadil name meaning is just and the lucky number associated with is 6.

عادل  نام
منصفانہ، عادل  معنی
لڑكا  جنس
عربی  زبان
6 *  لکی نمبر
مسلم ناممذہب
ہاںمختصر نام
5 حروف اور 1 لفظحروف کی تعداد

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Names are the gift that are given by parents to their lovely little angels. When a baby boy born every parents have no boundries of happiness they always show great mercy to their baby. It is said that first step is taken by the babies with the help of their parents. And the baby boy name is symbol of that.

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