Baby Names That Mean Water For Girls And Boys

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Baby Names That Mean Water For Girls And Boys

Water is the most essential part of life. There is more water than arrive on earth. The downpours, waterways, oceans and seas speak to peacefulness yet now and again they are tenacious to the point that they basically devastate everything that comes in their direction.

This is the attribute we need in our children: Calm yet solid. What’s more, much the same as water, our children are the most critical segment of our life. Genuine? At that point, what about a name to the baby?

Names meaning water are cool and elegant. OnlineNewsPakistan has gathered a list of water-propelled baby names. Regardless of whether you are searching for a name with a water related meaning or simply the term ‘water’ in another language, you will discover everything here. See!

Top 50 Water Names For Girls:

1. Anahita:

Anahita is a wonderful and underused Persian name, meaning ‘water or stream goddess’.


2. Aqua:

Aqua is the Latin word for water, however individuals for the most part partner it with a blue-green shading. This sea-going name conjures a quieting and relieving feeling. Water will definitely make a one of a kind name for your child.

3. Ara:

This short, sweet, and particular Arabic name, meaning ‘brings downpour’, is definitely not dismal. The name can likewise be utilized as an epithet for Arabella.

4. Sound:

In the event that Bay is for boys, Bayou is for girls. Meaning ‘a little stream’, Bayou would make a sultry and beguiling name.

5. Course:

This excellent, nature-enlivened name summons pictures of hurrying waterfalls. What’s more, it’s additionally a standout amongst the most remarkable water propelled names, considering there’s only one celebrated conveyor of this name – Cascade Brown, the English performing artist. You can even attempt its variation Cascadia.

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6. Como:

Como, an Italian spot name, represents a lake. Envision the quieting water alleviating you on a bright night! Also, it’s particular as well.

7. Coral:

Coral isn’t only a wonderful shading name. It’s likewise the word for underwater skeletal stores that structure reefs.

8. Cordelia:

Cordelia, meaning ‘little girl of the ocean’, has style and substance, the ideal blend you may need in a baby girl name.

9. Darya:

On the off chance that you need a water enlivened name, yet are searching for something more original than Aqua or Tallulah, Darya ought to be your pick. Darya is an Iranian baby name, meaning ‘ocean’.

10. Delta:

The name Delta has a lethargic, stream like streaming feel, and a southern appeal. Delta means ‘a territory of land in which a waterway is partitioned into littler streams’.

11. Evian:

Indeed, we realize that Evian is a variety of Evan, but at the same time it’s related with a boutique brand of water. Evian means ‘the Lord is generous’.

12. Firth:

Firth must be a standout amongst the most strange water propelled names. It’s the Scottish variety of Fjord and offers relationship with Colin Firth.

13. Fjord:

This Old Norse and Norwegian name alludes to the entry in the ocean. While it’s reasonable for both the sexual orientations, we trust you ought to pick Ford for boys.

14. Guadalupe:

This popular Spanish name, meaning ‘stream of dark stones’, has been on the decay since the 90s. So it will make a one of a kind name for your little girl.

15. Hali:

Hali, the Greek expression for ‘ocean’, would make a fantastic option in contrast to the to some degree popular Halle. The articulation is comparable, however.

16. Isla:

Isla, meaning ‘island’, is the name of a Scottish stream, yet individuals realize it best as the name Sacha “Aladdin” Cohen’s significant other, Isla Fisher.

17. Kai:

This wonderful unisex Hawaiian name, meaning ‘ocean’, has advanced toward whatever is left of the US and how! It is one of the main 200 most popular names in the Social Security Administration list.

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18. Kendall:

In case you’re a devotee of Kendall Jenner, the American model and TV character, you can pick her first name for your little girl. Kendall means ‘valley of the River Kent’.

19. Kendra:

Kendra, the female adaptation of the name Ken, is one of the quickest rising names in America. It means ‘clear water’.

20. Laguna:

In case you’re an unscripted TV drama darling, you’d realize Laguna is the spot we as a whole met Lauren Conrad in “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”. The name converts into a waterway isolated by a coral or reef.

21. Lake:

This suggestive water name got merited consideration through Lake Bell. We feel it would make an invigorating center name.

22. Loire:

This wonderful moniker with a flawless sound really has a place with a French stream. It sounds particular and spellbinding. The right articulation of Loire is ‘low-Ahr’.

23. Lucerne:

Wonderful name Lucerne, meaning ‘light’, infers the unblemished and quiet pictures of the Swiss lake and its encompassing mountain town.

24. Lynn:

Lynn, the short and sweet Irish name, meaning ‘lake’, touched base during the 1940s as a little of Linda, yet proceeded to end up fiercely popular as a first name.

25. Marella:

Up-to-date and advanced Marella is the Japanese adaptation of Muriel and means ‘of the brilliant ocean’.

26. Marilla:

Marilla, a Latin name, meaning ‘sparkling ocean’, this name sounds tremendous, however is yet to get on with American parents. So in the event that you need a trendsetting name for your child, bounce on to Marilla.

27. Marina:

Marina is a standout amongst the most acclaimed names that mean water. It has a twofold reference as well. First, it alludes to marine, which means ocean or sea. Second, Marina is a region of water where the yachts and vessels are kept.

28. Maris:

Maris, an absolutely engaging name, meaning ‘of the ocean’, is likewise one of the appellations of the Virgin Mary.

29. Marlowe:

It appears that every one of the varieties of Marlowe, including Marlo and Marlow, are noticeable all around, principally on account of its rich sound. The meaning of Marlow is ‘from the slope by the lake’.

30. Maya:

Maya is an ideal name for your little woman. It has a colorful and mysterious picture to it. Maya has two important references. In Hebrew, Maya means water. Also, to the Romans, Maya is a manifestation of the goddess of spring and Earth mother.

31. Meredith:

Delicate and delicate sounding name Meredith has a few meanings in various languages, and one of them is ‘seal master’ in Welsh. For the epithet, you can pick Merry or Mary.

32. Michal:

This Biblical name, meaning ‘creek’, is the name of the spouse of King David and little girl of King Saul.

33. Mira:

Mira, an unadulterated culturally diverse name, means ‘ocean’ or ‘sea’ in the Sanskrit language. Try not to mistake it for Myra as it has a totally unique meaning (it means ‘wonder’).

34. Dim:

Dim is an interpretation of fog, however has a sensitive and ladylike touch to it. Notwithstanding the first name, Misty can be considered for a moniker. Foggy means ‘little drops of water’. Its two popular bearers are competitors Misty May Treanor and Misty Copeland.

35. Monroe:

Mariah Carey has made Monroe in vogue as a first name by offering it to her little girl. The meaning of Monroe is ‘mouth of the Roe River’.

36. Morgan:

Morgan, meaning ‘revolving around ocean’, is originally a conventional Welsh male name, yet is currently utilized for girls more than boys. It made to the Social Security Administration in the year 2013 and hasn’t moved since.

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37. Moselle:

The name Moselle, meaning ‘from the water’, in the Hebrew language has been picking up popularity as time passes. It was one of the best 500 names in Social Security Administration list last year.

38. Muriel:

Muriel, meaning ‘of the splendid ocean’, is additionally the name of the blessed messenger who oversees and handles the long stretch of June in Celtic folklore. Its artistic cred is creator Muriel Spark

39. Nerida:

Nerida is a fascinating Greek name meaning ‘mermaid’ or ‘ocean sprite’.

40. Nixie:

Much the same as Trixie and Dixie, even Nixie is the name of a water soul. A pleasant refresh to Nicki, we state.

41. Noelani:

A standout amongst the most one of a kind names on this list, Noelani means ‘fog of paradise’. We feel it’s an ideal pick for girls conceived in December.

42. Oceane:

Oceane, the female variety of Ocean, is one of the chicest names in France. This water God name identifies with Greek Oceanus, the God of the ocean.

43. Downpour:

Try not to look so amazed. Downpour is really utilized as a name for girls.

44. Rainey:

Rainey, meaning ‘precipitation’, has a bygone era and wide open feel to it, likely because of Ma Rainey, the “Mother of the Blues”.

45. Rialta:

Rialta, an Italian name, meaning ‘profound stream’, has a wonderful and antique feel to it.

46. Rio:

The name Rio comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word, meaning ‘waterway’. What’s more, it’s likewise the name of a Brazilian city. This is genuinely a cosmopolitan name.

47. Ripley:

This sweet, water-enlivened name, perfect for both boys and girls, will help the listener to remember the undulating rushes of the ocean and sea. This name was utilized by 29 boys and 97 girls last year.

48. Rosemary:

Rosemary, meaning ‘dew of the ocean’, is the image for genuine darlings in Greek folklore. Romy is ideal for the moniker.

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49. Sedna:

Sedna is a work of art, dazzling, and moderately obscure water themed name, having a place with the Inuit goddess of the ocean.

50. Shannon:

This Irish name, presently popular in the US, means ‘old, savvy waterway’.

51. Shore:

Here is one of the charming water related names for your baby. The name depicts the land along the edge of the lake or shore.

52. Tahoe:

Tahoe, a Native American name, meaning ‘edge of the lake’, summons the excellence of the perfect lake among Nevada and California.

53. Talise:

Talise is a delightful name of Native American origin. The meaning of Talise is ‘beautiful water’. Bone, meaning ‘dew’, will make the best moniker for Talise. Another popular variety of Talise is Tallis. So you have a lot of choices in your kitty.

54. Tallulah:

Tallulah, the Anglicized form of Tuilelaith, is an Irish name meaning ‘jumping water’. On-screen character Tallulah Bankhead is the notorious carrier of this name. Another renowned carrier of this name is Tallulah Belle, little girl of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

55. Waverly:

Waverly is a simple name with a dazzling stream. This English surname, with smooth and laid back sound means ‘knoll of shuddering aspen’ .

56. Zambezi:

On the off chance that you need a genuinely extraordinary and lively name for your little one, Zambezi is the one for you. It’s the name of the fourth longest waterway in Africa.

57. Zarya:

In the Slavic folklore, Zarya is the name of the water priestess and the defender of warriors.

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Popular Water Names For Boys:

58. Adrian:

The name Adrian, harkening to the Adriatic Sea, is a standout amongst the most popular baby boy names in the US. Adrian is additionally one of the main 50 names in the Social Security Administration list.

59. Arno:

Arno, meaning ‘bloom water’, is the name of the primary stream in Florence, Italy. A pleasant option in contrast to Arnold.

60. Arroyo:

Arroyo means as a “profound chasm cut by a discontinuous stream” in the lexicon. So on the off chance that you need a one of a kind water roused name, Arroyo can be given an idea.

61. Cove:

Cove, meaning a waterway encased via land, would make a remarkable name for your little one. It’s not by any means inconceivable, as we’ve seen Bay climbing the Social Security Administration graphs.

62. Beck:

While Beckham is a most loved with English parents, it’s short structure Beck means ‘stream’ in Old Norse language.

63. Bourne:

Bourne, meaning ‘one who lives almost a stream’, in Middle English language, will make your child emerge from the group. Also, its relationship with Matt Damon will give it a cool remainder.

64. Creek:

Creek is another, moderately popular water roused name for baby boys. On the off chance that you need, you can add an ‘e’ as far as possible to make it cooler.

65. Calder:

Calder, a conventional English name meaning ‘rough water’, will interest parents searching for in vogue names identified with water. Did you realize that Calder is the most noteworthy trophy for hockey in Whales? Isn’t that cool!

66. Caspian:

This sentimental sounding name infers the extensive ocean among Europe and Asia. Plus, C.S. Lewis additionally utilized this name for one of his characters in “Narratives of Narnia”. Caspian is a spot name.

67. Clifford:

Clifford, meaning ‘lives close to the passage by the precipice’, additionally groups as a water baby name.

68. Coburn:

This customary Welsh name, meaning ‘rough water’ or ‘stony waterway’, would make a cool first name for your child. Calder is additionally the most noteworthy trophy in the minor area in hockey.

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69. Conway:

The name Conway has an otherworldly vibe to it as it means ‘sacred water’ in Welsh. Likewise, the name is yet to break into the standard baby name list. So you should get this one while it is phenomenal.

70. Inlet:

In the event that you need a smooth and underused water themed name, pick Cove, which means ‘a beach front channel or a little straight’.

71. Danube:

In case you’re alright with naming your child after the name of a stream, you can pick Danube. Wouldn’t you say it has a Viennese three step dance feel to it?

72. Destan:

The French name Destan, meaning ‘by the still waters’, is generally utilized as a surname, yet is sensitive enough to be utilized as a first name as well.

73. Douglas:

This Scottish name Douglas, meaning ‘dull water’ has a sentimental swag to it. It’s additionally joined to a Scottish group known for their boldness and quality.

74. Dover:

This moniker has a lot of references. It is Welsh for ‘water’ and is the name of a town in Massachusetts. Additionally, Dover is a British seaport on the English Channel. The name has ascended in popularity throughout the years, positioning 305 on the Social Security Administration’s list.

75. Dylan:

In the Welsh folklore, Dylan is the name of the ocean God and means ‘child of the ocean’. This name has been consistently popular presently, thinking of it as has been one of the main 50 names related with water since the year 2013.

76. Portage:

This English name, meaning ‘stream crossing’, is a vigorous and free single syllable choice for you to consider.

77. Harbor:

Harbor, meaning ‘a spot on the coast where ships take cover’, has an engaging picture and an alluring sound.

78. Hudson:

Hudson, meaning ‘Hugh’s child’, is profoundly popular in New York, principally in view of the Hudson River.

79. Hurley:

Hurley is an old Irish name meaning ‘ocean tide’. This is one of those water names for boys that has been picking up popularity off late. Hurley is acclaimed as both a given name and surname. Elizabeth Hurley is its most renowned carrier.

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80. Irving:

Irving, meaning ‘green waterway or ocean companion’ originated as a Scottish surname, however is presently a popular decision for a first name.

81. Jordon:

Jordon, meaning ‘streaming down’, was at first given to children sanctified through water in blessed water from the Jordan waterway. In any case, everybody is allowed to utilize it now.

82. Lincoln:

This praiseworthy, two syllable name, meaning ‘town by the lake’, ventures tall and upstanding President Lincoln.

83. Lir:

Lir, the name of the Irish lord of the ocean, is basic and has a profound meaning connected to it.

84. Llyr:

This dazzling Welsh name, with a similarly wonderful meaning, has high odds of intersection the outskirt. It means ‘the ocean’.

85. Bog:

The delicate and resonant name Marsh means ‘a low-lying land overflowed at high tide or in wet seasons’. This happens to be a cooler option in contrast to Marshall.

86. Morrissey:

Steven Patrick Morrissey, the popular English lyricist and crooner, is exclusively in charge of conveying acclaim to this name. Furthermore, with its meaning ‘decision of the ocean’, this Irish name makes an ideal water name as well.

87. Murphy:

Murphy, the English adaptation of the Gaelic name Murchadh, means ‘ocean warrior’. In the event that you need, you can significantly consider Murchadh. In any event you will be guaranteed that your child’s name isn’t normal.

88. Murray:

In case no doubt about it fan, Murray is the name of one of the suitors of Andi Dorfman’s. This Irish name meaning ‘ruler of the ocean’, falls into the classification of hot last names as surnames as well.

89. Neptune:

Not one of the least demanding names to convey, however we’re sure that your child will wear it with effortlessness. Neptune is the God of freshwater in Roman folklore.

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90. Nile:

Cool and tranquil name, the Nile would settle on a crisp decision for baby boys. It means ‘blue’, however the name alludes to the popular Egyptian stream, Nile.

91. Sea:

This cool water name invokes pictures of excellent blue rushes of the unselfish sea. Indeed, even Ocean works for the two sexual orientations yet sounds better on boys.

92. Po:

On the off chance that you need a short and sweet water propelled name for your child, pick Po, which is the name of the longest waterway in Italy.

93. Reef:

We figure Reef will make a cool name for your child. It’s moderately unprecedented as well, as it was utilized by only 51 boys last year. Reef means a bar of sand or shake underneath the water.

94. Stream:

Straight and to-the-point name River, meaning ‘a surge of water’, is ascending in popularity in the course of the last couple of years.

95. Mariner:

This nautical name took a bit too long to even think about taking off however is doing really well at this point. Mariner is additionally a sexually impartial name, thinking of it as was utilized by Sailor Gene for her child and Liv Tyler for her boy.

96. Seaton:

In case you’re cool with utilizing last names as a first name, you can pick Seaton, which means ‘town by the ocean’. Its namesake is George Seaton, the Oscar-winning author, and executive.

97. Thames:

On the off chance that Jaime King could utilize the name Thames after the popular London stream, at that point we trust you can, also. Thames means ‘waterway’.

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98. Trent:

The name Trent means ‘spouting water’ in Latin. It is additionally the name of a waterway in England. As per the Social Security Administration, Trent positioned 440 in 2014’s name list. So it’s anything but a commonplace name. Pick this name for your baby before it winds up ordinary.

99. Swim:

The name Wade has two water affiliations. Truly, it means ‘waterway crossing’. It’s additionally a term utilized for strolling with some exertion through the water. So it will make a perfect water roused name for your little buddy.

100. Zale:

With a name like Zale, meaning ‘intensity of the ocean’ and ‘solid ocean’, in the Greek language, your child will demonstrate some expert and backbone directly from the begin.